Wireless Weather Station Reviews And Buying Guide

Wireless weather stations offer more convenience and flexibility than cabled weather stations.  They allow you to place the sensors and console wherever you wish without worrying how you are going to run cables from one to the other, as long as sensor (transmitter) and console (receiver) are within the system’s transmission range, which can be anywhere from 300 feet to 1000 feet unobstructed by walls, roofs, or other barriers to transmission.  The best wireless weather station transmission range so far is 1000 feet.  The system will include one or more sensors, and one or more consoles that display the information gathered from the sensors.  Some of these stations also come with software that allows you to store the gathered data on your PC and upload it to third party websites like Weather Underground. 

These weather stations are typically used in household applications.   Most commonly, they are used to monitor weather conditions in the backyard and generate a forecast specific to your exact location.  Wireless weather station reviews mention that they can also be used to monitor temperature and humidity levels indoors.  Examples of indoor applications are greenhouses, photographic darkrooms, wine cellars, baby nurseries, or any other area of the home where it is important to monitor the temperature and humidity levels.  They can also be very useful on construction sites, allowing construction managers to move around the site while still having constant access to current and future weather conditions at the site.

#1 Best Wireless Weather Station - Davis Instruments 6250 Vantage Vue

Our #1 rated wireless weather station is the Davis Instruments 6250 Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Station.  This system can be as much as ten times more expensive than the Ambient Weather WS-1171, but it has many more advanced features.  The transmission range is 1000 feet, vs. 300 feet for the WS-1171.  The sensor suite, which measures temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, barometric air pressure, rainfall, and dew point, transmits updated weather data every 2 1/2 seconds.  It also graphs the last 25 hours, days or months of weather data, and you can view up to 50 of these graphs on the console.

Davis Instruments 6250 Vantage Vue Full Review

#2 Best - Ambient Weather WS-1171

According to wireless weather station reviews from customers online, the best wireless weather station if price is an important factor is the Ambient Weather WS-1171 Wireless Advanced Weather Station.  One wireless weather station review after another, mentions how the WS-1171 is easy to set up and use.  It is accurate, reliable, and relatively inexpensive.  There is nary a wireless weather station review for the WS-1171 that mentions more than the occasional problem with a faulty sensor.

Ambient Weather WS-1171 Full Review

#3 Best - Ambient Weather WS-0101

The next best wireless weather station is the incredibly inexpensive Ambient Weather WS-0101 Wireless Thermo-Hygrometer that features both indoor and outdoor temperature as well as outdoor humidity.  It has a 300 feet transmission range.  Not designed as a professional quality system, this station is perfect for monitoring temperatures in the backyard or a baby nursery.  The transmission rate is only once every minute, but reviewers find this to be more than adequate for the price.  The data is accurate, and the sensor and console have both proved to be reliable.