Taylor Weather Station Reviews And Buying Guide

Taylor Instruments is very well known in the food service industry as a maker of the best thermometers in the market.  They are not as well known for weather stations, but they do have a few models to choose from.  Taylor weather station products are well regarded, depending on the model you choose.  They have all the standard features of a home weather station.  Taylor weather forecasters measure the temperature and generate weather forecasts for different parts of the day.  Their wireless transmission range is not very strong, ranging from 100 to 200 feet.  Their best model also features a barometer for tracking and graphing air pressure changes and generating forecasts.  This model also displays indoor and outdoor humidity. 

Customer reviews make it difficult to really recommend a Taylor weather station.  There are many complaints about poor and unresponsive customer service.  Couple that with products of questionable quality, and it is hard to take this company seriously in this niche.  Their food service thermometers are the best in the business.  It is a shame that their weather station products don’t seem to take advantage of their thermometer expertise, as many reviews also complain about their accuracy.  There are also some complaints about shoddy workmanship.

Their most popular products are their cabled and wireless indoor and outdoor thermometers.  These products seem to reflect their reputation as thermometer makers, with customers mostly very happy with the accuracy of the products.  These, however, are not complete weather stations.  Rather, they are relatively inexpensive digital thermometers that only display the temperature, while one also includes humidity and an atomic clock.  The wireless version also suffers from Taylor’s inability to produce a product with a transmission range equal to other weather station manufacturers.  Reviews of other Taylor outside thermometers indicate that the transmission range with those products is poor as well.  So, if you are shopping for a real weather station, it is probably best to scratch Taylor off your list.