Solar Weather Station Reviews And Buying Guide

Solar powered weather stations use solar panels to convert the sun’s natural energy into electrical energy that can be used or stored in a rechargeable battery.  Some can also use ambient room light to stay charged.  These stations have all the features anyone should expect from a home weather station.  They measure temperature and humidity, and provide a weather forecast that is usually displayed on the screen with graphic icons.   Almost all also feature an atomic clock that synchronizes with the one in Fort Collins, Colorado and provides the most accurate time possible.  It is also self-adjusting, meaning that daylight savings time changes are done automatically. 

These weather stations have a number of applications, but are really designed for home use.  They are not usually easily portable, as most require a separate mounted sensor to give accurate information.  The information they provide is generally what would be needed for home use only.  They are still quite accurate devices, and are a great alternative for those who have dedicated themselves to living an eco-friendly lifestyle.  Most come with a battery backup in case the solar panel fails to recharge the batteries properly.  The electrical energy they generate is stored in the rechargeable battery so that there is enough to power the unit during dark hours.

#1 Best Solar Weather Station - Oregon Scientific BAR332ES

The best solar weather station is the Oregon Scientific BAR332ES Solar Charging Weather Station.  This weather station has received high marks thus far.  It is very easy to set up and the initial charge does not take too long.  After that, the solar panel does its job by keeping the batteries charged and keeping the station operational.  The display is relatively large and crystal clear.  Strangely, this product claims to measure and display humidity levels, but positive and negative reviews both point out that this is not the case.  There is no humidity reading on the device.

Oregon Scientific BAR332ES Full Review