Sharp Weather Station Reviews And Buying Guide

Sharp Electronics is a well-known brand name in the United States and around the world.  They are mostly known for televisions, mobile phones, and microwaves.  They have dabbled a little in the weather station market, but a search of their company website shows no products currently available.  Oddly, however, there are still a small number of Sharp weather station products available online.  The customer ratings for these weather stations are average to poor.  It appears that the Sharp weather stations are inexpensive products to feed a passing curiosity with weather information.  Any person looking for a serious weather station with accurate and reliable data should probably look elsewhere. 

Online Sharp weather station reviews reveal a number of problems with their products.  Reviewers comment that the stations appear to be cheaply made with a large amount of plastic.  Customer service is virtually non-existent.  The products are not listed on the company website, making it very difficult to find product information.  Product and customer service is handled by a third party service center, not by Sharp.  Considering at least one of their products does not come with an instruction manual, it is easy to see why reviewers are very upset with Sharp’s apparent disregard for customer support. 

The reviews seem to support the notion that these products are really just atomic clocks with a weather feature, and not a true weather station.  A number of comments concerning one of the stations indicate that the barometric pressure readings are so inaccurate that they indicate the presence of a hurricane on a perfectly normal day.  Reviews for the Sharp Weather Station Clock Atomic Wireless SPC502A state that the display is very difficult to read.  Overall, the Sharp weather stations cannot be taken seriously.  They are cheap imitations of real weather stations.  For the same money that you spend on a Sharp atomic clock that tries to display weather information, you can get a real weather station that collects and displays accurate information.  That real weather station will have an atomic clock as well.