Oregon Scientific Weather Station Reviews And Buying Guide

Oregon Scientific has been inventing and designing home weather stations since 1989.  They market a full line of home weather stations to meet every budget.  In general, they are regarded as one of the better manufacturers of wireless weather stations.  Oregon Scientific weather station reviews reveal their products to be very good when they work properly.  Their wireless transmission range and signal strength are on par with other highly regarded companies.  Each wireless Oregon Scientific weather station comes with an ultra-convenient atomic clock that automatically adjusts for daylight savings time. 

The biggest problem with any Oregon Scientific weather station is the company’s customer service.  According to Oregon Scientific weather station reviews, the customer service department is woefully inadequate.  Even positive reviews of their most popular items reveal problems including substantial delays in responding to complaints, some as long as 7 months, and replacement parts on back order.  Promises of return phone calls seem to be often broken.  There are some troublesome complaints regarding consistent problems with some of their products that the company knows about but has not addressed for years.  Although some consumers find their products easy to set up, those who had trouble found no help from the customer service department.

#1 Best Oregon Scientific Weather Station - WMR100

The Oregon Scientific WMR100 Professional Wireless Weather Station is the company’s most highly regarded weather station.  The display console uses a rotary dial for scrolling through various functions.  The dial is convenient, but can be difficult to learn how to use.  The WMR100 also displays a 24 hour bar graph of barometric pressure, rainfall and UV index.  This station can handle up to 10 sensors.  It comes with 5, and additional sensors can be purchased including a floating pool thermometer.  Customer reviews rate this product highly for accuracy, but slam the company for its poor customer service.

WMR100 Full Review

#2 Best - Oregon Scientific WMR200

Next is the Oregon Scientific WMR200 Professional Weather Center.  This is an upgrade from the WMR100, and is more expensive.  It comes with free PC software for storing your collected weather data.  Optional additional sensors include a UV monitor.  The console has a touch screen interface - not the rotary dial of the WMR100.  Reviews state that set up is fairly easy. The rain gauge has a battery compartment with 8 screws, which makes changing the batteries a hassle.  The free software is available by downloading from the Oregon Scientific website, but does not allow for uploading data to third party sites.  As is usual with this company’s products, customer service takes a serious beating in the reviews.

Oregon Scientific WMR200 Full Review

#3 Best - Oregon Scientific WMR80

Finally there is the Oregon Scientific WMR80 Pro Wireless Weather Station.  This station is the most basic and least expensive of the three.  According to reviews, it also leaves a lot to be desired.  There are numerous reports of problems with the rain gauge not working. When the sensors work, they are very accurate.  However, one person with a large number of Oregon Scientific sensors reports a failure rate of over 25%. There are also some complaints that the system does not save data for more than 24 hours.

Oregon Scientific WMR80 Full Review