Oregon Scientific BAR208HGA Review

The Oregon Scientific BAR208HGA is an advanced weather station that includes an atomic clock and provides users with all the information they need to start their day.  The weather forecast icons describe conditions for the next 12 to 24 hours.  The base unit can be connected to up to 3 remote sensors so the user can monitor the conditions outside as well as in a wine cellar, nursery, greenhouse, or other areas where it is important to monitor and control conditions. 

This station is packed with features.  Besides the weather forecast icons, the base unit also indicates the moon phases and displays weather alerts for dangerous conditions. It also has an atomic clock that self-adjusts when the time changes.  

Features and Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 3.7 x 7.2 x 2 inches.
  • Weight 12.8 ounces.
  • 1 year manufacturers’ warranty.
  • Transmission frequency 433 MHz.  Transmission range 98 feet (unobstructed).
  • Temperature range -4˚ Fahrenheit to 140˚ Fahrenheit.
  • Humidity range 25% to 95%.
  • Displays next 12 to 24 hour weather forecast with 5 graphic icons.  Also displays moon phases.
  • 5 weather warning message icons.
  • Measures conditions for up to three remote locations using additional sensors (purchased separately). 
  • Self-adjusting atomic clock in both 12 and 24 hour formats.  Month/Day calendar.


One of the biggest complaints regarding the Oregon Scientific BAR208HGA is the ice alert light.  When the temperature falls between 37°F to 28°F, an LED indicator will flash until the temperature is no longer in this range.  This light is a very bright green, and will light up a dark room.  As temperatures fall in the evening, this can be very annoying to anyone keeping the console near their bed.  Users came up with several creative solutions for this including covering it with black tape. There are also some complaints of poor reception of the atomic clock signal. 

Most reviewers seem genuinely pleased with this product.  It is sturdy and data readings are reportedly very accurate.  One reviewer indicates that when placing the sensor and base unit next to each other, the humidity readings differed, if at all, by only a couple of points and the temperature readings were exact.  Temperature and humidity readings are displayed on both the indoor console and the outdoor sensor.  While turned off by the bright ice alert light, users like the easy to read bright orange back light. 


  • Low cost weather station.
  • Orange backlight is gentle, not too bright. 
  • Reads up to three remote sensors.
  • Very simple to set up. 
  • Outdoor sensor has external temperature and humidity display. 


  • Display hard to read in less than ideal lighting conditions or from several feet away.  Gets worse as the batteries get weak.
  • Ice alert light is too bright. 
  • For desktop or table top use only. Cannot be wall mounted. 
  • Backlight stays on for only 5 seconds. 
  • Installation guide is not specific to the model. 
  • Need a small screwdriver to install batteries on outside sensor unit. 
  • Only logs data for 24 hours.  No history. 
  • Poor atomic clock signal reception.