La Crosse Weather Station Reviews And Buying Guide

La Crosse Technology makes and markets a full range of weather station products.  No matter the application, there is a La Crosse weather station for you.  Their line ranges from simple backyard thermometers to professional quality weather stations that can capture and analyze a large amount of weather data.  The company works with The Weather channel in designing their weather stations.  They have many products currently on the market that are very well regarded according to La Crosse weather station reviews.  They also have downloadable software available to make their stations compatible with third party weather sites. 

Every professional La Crosse weather station generates a weather forecast by analyzing barometric pressure readings.  They all also have an atomic clock that synchronizes with the atomic clock in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Many of them also use PC software to allow the user to store and graph collected data and to set weather alarms.  La Crosse weather station reviews indicate that their products are sound, but their customer service leaves something to be desired.  The company has a solid reputation for making high quality products.  With every company, there will be the occasional quality issue.  Reviewers seem to indicate that La Crosse is not as responsive to complaints as some other weather station manufacturers.  Hopefully, your La Crosse product will work perfectly and you will not need to contact their customer service department.

#1 Best La Crosse Weather Station - Combo11-IT

The La Crosse Technology Combo11-IT Wireless Weather Station Combo Pack is their best product.  It includes a sensor, a weather station, and a more simple temperature station for bedside use.  It measures all outdoor weather data as well as indoor comfort levels.  The sensor transmits to both receivers at a range of 330 feet, and the system can accommodate as many as three sensors.  Customer reviews for this combo pack have been very positive.  The biggest complaint to date has been the over- zealous packaging that makes it very difficult to get the product out of the box. 

Combo11-IT Full Review

#2 Best - La Crosse Technology WS-7014CH-IT

Next is the very small and economical La Crosse Technology WS-7014CH-IT.  This is a very small unit – the console is just over 5 inches tall.  It comes with a wireless sensor that transmits up to 330 feet unobstructed.  The small console displays the date and time, indoor temperature, humidity, and remote temperature.  The remote sensor can be placed outdoors in a sheltered area, or in a greenhouse or darkroom where monitoring the temperature in the room is important.  Some reviewers were very surprised to discover how small this station is, and it is indeed tiny.  There are also numerous complaints about the outdoor sensors failing.

La Crosse Technology WS-7014CH-IT Full Review

#3 Best - La Crosse Technology WS-2812U-IT

The La Crosse Technology WS-2812U-IT is another La Crosse weather station, but this one seems to have numerous problems.  There are a large number of negative reviews, with many complaints aimed at the rain gauge and the wind sensor.  Numerous users reported problems with one, if not both, of these sensors.  The factory reset process when one of the sensors stops responding is a complicated process that becomes more annoying when it has to be repeated due to faulty sensors.

La Crosse Technology WS-2812U-IT Full Review