Indoor Outdoor Weather Station Reviews And Buying Guide

The term Indoor Outdoor Weather Station describes most of the weather station products on the market today.  They consist of one or more weather sensors that serve as an outdoor weather station and transmit information to an indoor console that doubles as indoor weather station by sensing the conditions indoors.  Consoles that can display data from multiple sensors allow users to monitor conditions outside their home as well as inside in various rooms where temperature and humidity levels are important.  The best indoor outdoor weather station system will also have a self- adjusting atomic clock, and will use changes in air pressure to generate a forecast that it displays on the console by way of graphic icons. 

These systems have a variety of uses due to their flexibility.  They can be used to monitor conditions outside and compare them to conditions inside.  This can be helpful to parents of young children who need to make a decision such as how to dress their child for school in the morning.  By placing additional sensors in rooms such as baby nurseries, darkrooms, wine cellars, or even a detached greenhouse, the user can monitor conditions in these areas as well.  Industrial applications include uses in farming, where it is important to know the weather outside as well as inside a stable or barn, and at construction sites. 

#1 Best Indoor Outdoor Weather Station - Ambient Weather WS-1171

Online indoor outdoor weather station reviews place the Ambient Weather WS-1171 Wireless Advanced Weather Station as the best indoor outdoor weather station.  The WS-1171 is a low cost weather station that displays both indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity levels.  The wireless sensor can also be installed in a wine cellar, cigar humidor, or baby nursery to monitor temperature and humidity in those rooms.  It has a large LCD display and a self- adjusting atomic clock.  The clock, which automatically synchronizes with the U.S. clock in Fort Collins, also has an alarm feature with snooze.  Indoor outdoor weather station reviews rave that this weather station is easier to set up and just as reliable as much more expensive models. 

Ambient Weather WS-1171 Full Review

#2 Best - Acurite Deluxe Wireless Weather Center

The next best indoor outdoor station is the Acurite Deluxe Wireless Weather Center.  This station is about as reliable and inexpensive as the WS-1171, and is loaded with similar features including a weather forecast generated by an analysis of changes in barometric pressure.  Some users were not happy with how large the station is, and a few reviewers reported some inaccuracies with the temperature and humidity readings.  Still, the majority of users absolutely love the Acurite Deluxe.

Acurite Deluxe Wireless Weather Center Full Review

#3 Best - Oregon Scientific BAR208HGA

Another highly regarded weather station is the Oregon Scientific BAR208HGA.  This system is slightly more expensive than the WS-1171 and the Acurite Deluxe, but it has the capacity to add two additional sensors, allowing the user to monitor conditions in three locations at once.  This is great for someone who wants to see outdoor weather conditions and needs to monitor temperature and humidity in a wine cellar or a greenhouse.  Some complaints are that the display can be difficult to read and it is not wall mountable.  One common grievance is the ice alert light that blinks bright green when temperatures dip below freezing.  It cannot be turned off, and will annoyingly illuminate a dark bedroom.

Oregon Scientific BAR208HGA Full Review