Honeywell Weather Station Reviews And Buying Guide

The Honeywell name has been a staple in American business and has been a number one choice of homeowners for over 125 years.  Their company portfolio is enormous.  When it comes to weather stations, Honeywell might not be as well known.  However, their products have earned the right to bear the Honeywell name.  A Honeywell weather station or weather forecaster is just as reliable as any on the market.  They specialize in personal weather stations, although they have a professional model available as well, and their weather stations are very affordable.  Every Honeywell weather station can display temperature readings and weather forecasts, and are suitable for wall mounting or desktop use.  Their clock weather stations also come with a self-adjusting atomic clock. 

Honeywell also has a line of advanced weather stations.  These also have an atomic clock included.  They display much more information than the basic models, like humidity, barometric pressure, and wind speed.  Honeywell has 9 different advanced stations to choose from, and they all retail below $220 (approximately).  Honeywell weather station reviews indicate that the products are reliable and accurate, as well easy to use. 

Honeywell does not specialize in the kind of weather stations that collect and store information to be uploaded to the internet.  Their most advanced version has PC software for storing information, but third party software is necessary if the user wishes to share information on sites like Weather Underground.  Their products are home weather stations that display basic weather information.  Honeywell weather station reviews are very limited, as they are not the most popular brand for home weather stations, and little is known about their long term durability.  They have some interesting features, such as a station that projects the weather forecast, time, date, and temperature onto a wall or ceiling.  Reviews for this particular station, however, have been horrendous with complaints about it being difficult to use and very inaccurate.