Home Weather Station Reviews And Buying Guide

Home weather stations give homeowners accurate information about their local weather.  Television weather forecasts are regional.  A forecast of rain in the area does not necessarily mean rain in your neighborhood.  The best home weather stations are equipped with a wind speed and direction gauge (anemometer), a rain gauge, a temperature sensor, a humidity sensor, and a barometric sensor for measuring air pressure.  The barometric pressure sensor is used by the weather station to generate a weather forecast that is displayed on the station’s console receiver.  The display console shows the information that is gathered by the sensors.  It might also display the time and date courtesy of a self-adjusting atomic clock.  Many people take the data from their stations and upload it to third party websites like Weather Underground, which then displays the data so visitors to the site can get a better idea of the weather conditions in their own neighborhood. 

These weather stations are typically located in a home’s backyard.  However, they are also useful on construction sites to warn of incoming storms that might cause a delay in construction.  They are also used in agriculture so farmers can know how much rainfall to expect, and when.  Home weather stations also have industrial applications for businesses that rely on weather conditions.

#1 Best Home Weather Station - Davis Vantage Vue

According to online home weather station reviews, the best home weather station is the Davis Vantage Vue Weather Station.  Reviews for this weather station are overwhelmingly positive. The most helpful home weather station review states that the Vantage Vue is easy to set up and highly reliable.  The data is accurate, and the display is easy to read.  It has received a large number of 5 star home weather station ratings.  That, plus its incredibly affordable price, makes this weather station the best home weather station as reviewed by customers and professional weather aficionados. 

Davis Vantage Vue Full Review

#2 Best - Davis Vantage Pro2

The next best home weather station is the Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 Weather Station (Wireless).  This weather station loses out on the top spot solely due to its price – it is at least ten times more expensive than the Ambient Weather WS-1171, for instance.  For this price, you get far superior transmission range, 1000 feet vs. 330 feet with the WS-1171.  The Vantage Pro2 also stores and graphically displays historical weather data.  Online reviews rave about the many features of the Vantage Pro2, but some reviewers complain of sensors that needed to be replaced after only a few years – an unexpected disappointment for the price.

Davis Vantage Pro2 Full Review

#3 Best - Ambient Weather WS-2080

Next in line for your consideration is the Ambient Weather WS-2080 Wireless Home Weather Station.  More expensive than the WS-1171, but not nearly as pricy as the Vantage Pro2, this station comes with Windows compatible software that allows the user to view and store the collected weather data on a home computer.  Reviews are very positive, although they warn that the temperature sensor has a tendency to record readings that are too high if it is in direct sunlight.  The product comes with a solar shield that is insufficient, according to the reviews, and the purchase of an optional radiation shield is highly recommended.

Ambient Weather WS-2080 Full Review