Davis Vantage Vue Review

The American made Davis Instruments 6250 Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Station comes with a distinct LCD console and sleek yet durable outsider sensors.  The Weather Center feature is unique, providing information on weather variables for the past 25 days.  With the Vantage Vue, you can see the current temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, and dew point.  This weather station works seamlessly with Vantage Pro2 weather stations so the user can mix and match most of the components. 

What sets the Davis Vantage Vue Weather Station apart from the competition is its superior transmission distance and refresh rate.  The Vantage Vue accomplishes this by using frequency hopping spread spectrum radio technology.  For a typical wireless weather station, the line of sight range is 300 to 500 feet.  The Vantage Vue boasts a range of 1000 feet.  The refresh rate from the outside transmitter to the indoor receiver is an astounding 2 ½ seconds.  This means the information on the weather station will be instantly verifiable with a glance out the window. 

For easier nighttime viewing, the console is designed with a backlit LCD display and a glow in the dark keypad.  The console acts as an indoor weather station, providing temperature, humidity, and air pressure measurements in the house.  This is a green product, generating solar energy during the day and storing enough to power the station at night. 

Features and Specifications

  • Item model number: 6250
  • Dimensions: 19 x 15 x 7 inches.
  • Shipping Weight: 6.9 pounds.
  • Self-contained wireless weather station with Integrated Sensor Suite transmits data a distance of 1000 feet every 2 ½ seconds.
  • Easy to read LCD console features a 3” by 4.375” backlit LCD display and glow in the dark keypad. 
  • Reliably provides current weather data including temperatures inside and outside, wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, humidity, rainfall, and dew point.
  • Includes forecast icons indicating sun, clouds, rain, or snow.  Also shows moon phases, sunrise and sunset time, and up to 50 graphs of weather trends. 
  • 22 alarms for dangerous conditions like floods, high winds, and freezing temperatures. 


Reviews for the Davis Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Station have been sensational.  One reviewer, recognizing this model as the low end of the Davis Electronics product line, nevertheless commended its quality and features in comparison to its more expensive competition.  This reviewer found it simple to install, and liked the easy to understand instruction manual. 

Another reviewer states that this product raises the bar for other wireless weather stations.  It has been performing flawlessly for over a year, except for a problem with a wind sensor that was quickly replaced by Davis.  The customer service received accolades from this reviewer for being very helpful and friendly. 


  • Updates information every 2 ½ seconds.
  • Backlit LCD display and glow in the dark keypad are easy to use at night.
  • Uses solar energy, and stores enough to power the system throughout the night. 
  • Outstanding customer service from Davis Instruments.


  • Might report temperatures 3 to 4 degrees too high on hot and sunny days.
  • Some users reported inaccuracies with the wind sensors.