Computer Weather Station Reviews And Buying Guide

If you enjoy websites like Weather Underground and want to be able to capture, record, and upload your own backyard weather information, then what you need is a PC weather station.  Also known as internet weather stations, some of these products come with the added ability to send the weather data you collect to third party weather websites.  They also allow the user to collect and store weather information on their computer with data logging software.  By far their most attractive feature, however, is their ability to send information to sites like Weather Underground.  The user can share the data they collect and compare it to data collected by neighbors.  Together, they can then come up with an accurate forecast for the neighborhood. 

A wifi weather station is generally found in the home of a weather enthusiast.  Because they are wireless, the sensors can be placed several hundred feet away from the receiver/console.  However, obstacles like brick walls and roofs will reduce the transmission range substantially.  Most come with the ability to collect and store an impressive amount of weather data without the help of a PC.  The included software allows the user to store an unlimited amount of weather data and upload it to the weather sites. 

NOTE: Below is our 2012 Rankings For Computer Weather Stations. The best rated model for 2017 is the Netatmo Weather Station.

#1 Best Computer Weather Station - ProWeatherStation

According to online reviews, the best of these weather stations is the ProWeatherStation Wireless Data Logging Weather Station.  Reviewers give this station high marks for ease of installation and transmission range.  The console has a touch screen that makes set up and programming a breeze and the display screen is large and crystal clear.  It measures both inside and outside temperatures.  The ProWeatherStation also comes with a self-adjusting atomic clock that many reviewers found to be very convenient.  This station comes with EasyWeather software that allows both real time display of the collected weather data and exporting of the data to a PC. 

ProWeatherStation Full Review

#2 Best - Weather Direct TX60U-SET

The Weather Direct TX60U-SET Online Temperature and Humidity Wireless Alert System is another highly regarded computer weather station.  This system allows for remote monitoring of weather data through email and text messages, meaning you can track the weather at your home while on vacation.  All collected information is uploaded to the user’s online account.  Some reviewers did not like the fact that they had to go online to view their weather data, finding the process to be a hassle and the website to be outdated and inadequate.  The lack of a waterproof sensor was also seen as a downside. 

Weather Direct TX60U-SET Full Review