Ambient Weather Station Reviews And Buying Guide

Since 1998, Ambient Weather has been at the helm of the weather station and weather forecaster market.  Named as one of the 500 largest e-retailers in the United States, Ambient Weather seems to be dedicated to providing high quality weather stations at affordable prices.  Combined with their Virtual Weather Station software, their weather stations are the most popular and most powerful way to share personal weather data on the internet in real time.  Online Ambient weather station reviews reveal that each Ambient weather station is accurate and reliable. 

Perhaps the most striking difference between Ambient Weather and other weather station companies is their commitment to quality and customer service.  Unique in the weather station market, a customer service representative reviews all Ambient weather station reviews and responds with advice or a phone number for follow up.  Such a proactive attitude towards customer relations is rare.  There can be no doubt that the quality of an Ambient weather station is positively affected by the feedback from customers.  Rather than running from negative reviews, this customer service representative – who calls himself “Ed the Weatherman” – actively searches them out and responds to each one with links to problem saving tips or a contact number.  On many occasions, the feedback from “Ed” has worked to solve a specific problem, and Ambient Weather’s customers know that this company’s customer service department will respond to issues brought to their attention in a timely manner.

#1 Best Ambient Weather Station - Ambient Weather WS-2080

One of their flagship products is the Ambient Weather WS-2080 Wireless Home Weather Station.  The WS-2080 includes easy to use PC software to allow users to track, log, and graph their collected weather data. This system can be calibrated, making it much more accurate than similarly priced weather stations.    Online reviewers agree that the WS-2080 is very accurate, reliable, and easy to use. 

Ambient Weather WS-2080 Full Review

#2 Best - Ambient Weather WS-1090

Another good product from Ambient is the Ambient Weather WS-1090 Wireless Home Weather Station.  The WS-1090 can log 4080 points of weather data.  It is compact, simple to install, and transmits data every 45 seconds.  This weather station also comes with Windows compatible software and free data hosting services with Weather Underground.  Customers who reviewed this station online rate it highly for quality and accuracy.  One issue is that the included solar shield is not very effective.  Ambient Weather has a better one available for purchase as an option, and reviews indicate that this is a good investment. 

Ambient Weather WS-1090 Full Review

#3 Best - Ambient Weather WS-1171

The Ambient Weather WS-1171 is another excellent product, and is regarded as the best indoor/outdoor weather station on the market.  It is incredibly affordable, and features humidity calibration for greater accuracy.  It displays date and time, thanks to an atomic clock.  The console also displays humidity and temperature levels both indoors and outdoors.  It also measures barometric pressure which it displays on a pressure history graph and uses to generate a weather forecast for the exact location.  Although most reviews state that this is another wonderful Ambient Weather product, the negative reviews indicate that there might be a problem with the sensors for this model. 

Ambient Weather WS-1171 Full Review