Acu Rite Weather Station Reviews And Buying Guide

Acu-Rite uses their Acu-Link technology to enable users to monitor weather conditions in their own backyard with their PC mobile devices.  You can track information such as temperature, humidity, wind, rainfall, pool water temperature, and weather forecasts.  You can also set it up to send customized email or text message alerts whenever conditions change, such as for sudden drops in barometric pressure, high or low temperatures, rain, high winds, or impending storms.  The data from your Acu-Rite weather station can be viewed through the My Backyard Weather computer web application or the Acu-Link mobile application for iPhone and Android mobile devices.  The Acu-Rite weather station sensors transmit data to the Acu-Link internet bridge which plugs directly into your router.  Not all Acu-Rite weather stations come with Acu-Link enabled sensors, so look for these in the product descriptions. 

The Acu-Rite brand line ranges from digital thermometers to professional quality backyard weather forecasting stations.  Whether you are a homeowner, gardener, or sportsman, Acu-Rite has a weather product that will suit your needs.  According to Acu-Rite weather station reviews, their products are known for being easy to set up and install.  These Acu-Rite weather station reviews also say the sensor data is notably precise, and their systems are long lasting and durable.  Many of their products have touchscreen displays with backlighting. 

#1 Best Acu Rite Weather Station - Acu-Rite 01015

The Acu-Rite 01015 Wireless Weather Station with Wind and Rain Sensor is one of Acu-Rite’s best products, according to online reviews of their products.  It is a relatively affordable station that features a convenient and compact 5 in 1 sensor.  It measures every type of weather data you can imagine, and the console displays a continuous ticker of weather information that can be customized.  Online reviews have been mostly positive regarding this system.  The indoor receiver is attractively lit.  The data from the sensors is accurate, and the sensors themselves are sturdy and able to withstand strong weather conditions. 

Acu-Rite 01015 Full Review

#2 Best - Acurite Deluxe Wireless Weather Center